Aktualności z Kliniki Budzik

19 December 2014
Marek Michalak the Ombudsman  for Children paid a visit at the Alarm Clock Clinic in Międzylesie on December 18th.
19 December 2014
On December 18th, 2014 little Kuba left the Alarm Clock Clinic. The boy stayed at the clinic since January 2014. We all wish him health and for his parents to be cheerful and persistent in dealing with life’s adversities. Finger crossed, Jacob!  
08 December 2014
On Sunday, December 7th an extraordinary Santa Claus visited children and their parents. For this year the role of Santa Clause played Czesław Mozil and one of the presents was his concert.
05 December 2014
Today a 15-year old Paweł leaves the Clinic. He comes back home in coma but in a definitely better condition. During the stay at the Clinic his health has significantly improved.
03 November 2014
During last days there has been a new monthly delivery of care products for our patients.
30 October 2014
In the Alarm Clock Clinic we continue the laughter therapy. Thanks to the cooperation with the “CzerwoneNoskiKlown w Szpitalu” Foundation our patients are visited by Clowns who bring a good portion of cheerfulness and positive energy.
27 October 2014
We invite to see a documentary on Wiktoria Książyk roused from coma in last September.
16 October 2014
If you wish to support our action we invite to buy DVD ( with a book) from a “We are waking up to life” concert . Revenue from sales of  DVD will be transferred to the Foundation.  A charity concert took place on Marcch 22nd 2014 in the basement of post-camaldolese church in Bielany, Warsaw. The concert was organised by Ewa Błaszczyk’sAkogo Foundation and recorded by Polish Television, Programme 1.
14 October 2014
We happily announce about the newly initiated cooperation with rehabilitation and recreation centre Polanika. Within cooperation each year 4 patients roused in the Clinic can, free of charge, go on two week specialised rehabilitation camp.
10 October 2014
Grzegorz Dudzik, mayor of Zielonka, Zielonka’s Self-Government Platform with the president – Grzegorz Grabowski, Culture and Sport Centre with the director – Robert Smoderek  and Rock Live Team under the supervision of Radomir Osiński – the originator and coordinator as well as all the bands invite for the Rock Live Zielonka fifth edition .
07 October 2014
We are happy to inform that today the Clinic’s medical team confirmed the rousing of another patient!
01 October 2014
Marek  Michalak the Ombudsman for Children with delegation of representatives of the institutions dealing with protecting children rights from Visegrad Group , West Balkans and Turkey countries paid a visit at the Clinic. Special guests were invited by Foreign Affairs Minister and the Ombudsman for Children to talk about the system of children’s rights and to see how those rights are respected in our country.
01 October 2014
“True works of art are created from the heart for raising one’s spirits. Every artist wishes his works to evoke emotions but also to help other man bear the malaise of the surrounding world. However, there are such cases when art heals or at least largely contributes to it.”  - this mottowas used by the organisers  of the Charity Auction of distinguished  polish graphic designer Zdzisław Beksiński  
26 September 2014
Today the Clinic’s medical team confirmed the rousing of another patient! 13 year old Ola in the middle of June was hit by a car on pedestrian crossing. The accident resulted in going into coma. She came to the Clinic in the end of July.
23 September 2014
Last days a new portion of the Seni products  fornursing the patients has arrived to the Clinic. The products were given by TZMO.