The Alarm Clock Clinic

The Alarm Clock Clinic was established in July 2013 as the first model hospital for children with severe brain damage. The Clinic operates at the Children’s Memorial Health Institute.

The construction of the Alarm Clock Clinic, which reached the cost of over PLN 20 milion, was founded by the Akogo Foundation, thanks to the generosity  of many individual donors, companies, foudations and the EU funds.

There are 15 beds in the clinic, as well as the entire infrastructure necessary to ensure treatment, care and neurological rehabilitation of children in a coma.

Since July 2013 there are first patients in the Clinic- children under 18 after trauma that caused serious oxygen deficiency, with appalic syndrome (except from perinatal disorders, genetically conditioned metabolic disorders) The Clinic admitts children being in coma no longer than twelve months since the trauma or six months if the coma resulted from nontraumatic causes. Children can be treated in the Clinic through the period of twelve months with the possibility of staying three months longer.

Children diagnosed in Anaesthesiology, Neurosurgery, Neurology Clinics, who are cardiovascularly and respiratorily stable and without the necessity of sustaining bodily functions at Intensive Care unit ( in the condition qualifying for intensive rehabilitation) are admitted to the Alarm Clock Clinic. The final decision of admitting a patient is taken by the Medical Selection Team  for the "Rousing children from a coma" programme. The team consists of: head of the board, neurologist, rehabilitation physician, pediatrician, physiotherapist, nurse, board secretary and - as an observer - the Akogo Foundation representative.
Detailed qualifying criteria for admittance to the Clinic

Comprehensive medical-rehabilitative programme includes: pharmacotherapy, conservative treatment, attendance benefits, rehabilitation, kinesiotherapy, psychological programme, diagnostics and medical consultation. The medical programme carried out in the Clinic is approved by the Agency for Health Technology Assessment.

Treatment in the Clinic is free of charge thanks to the funding by the National Health Fund. Parents of our patients stay in the Clinic for 24 hours with no costs and are involved in the rehabilitation process.

Apart from strictly medical and neurorehabilitative actions the compulsory eduction is provided in the Clinic: remedical education classes financed by the Education Department of the Capital City of Warsaw Municipal Office. Every day our patients participate in classess conducted by educationalists from Special Education School Complex nr 102 in Warsaw.

Clinic news

09 April 2015
Therapeutic Team of Klinika Budzik found awaken 10 years Veronica in April 7th. Veronica went into a coma after central nervous system surgery. She has been staying at Klinika Budzik from July 2014. Veronica will spend additional  30 days in Klinika Budzik
30 March 2015
2.5 year old Adrian (being in coma) left Alarm Clock Clinic in March 27rd. Adrian has stayed in Budzik from July 2014 after flooding incident. We keep fingers crossed for our little patient.
25 March 2015
This is the first such facility in Poland. That is the reason  of believes: "certainly difficult to get to," or "we can not afford stay in Budzik." Andrzej Lach, director of the Department strongly denies these opinions. He explains that there are currently 12 children staying at Alarm Clock Clinik, while it operates 15. We invite you to read the whole article on
20 March 2015
Since March to Alarm clock Clinic Teamjoined Mrs. Dr.Grazyna Szymańska-Poksińska, medical rehabilitation specialist with over 5 years' experience in the treatment of spasticity with botulinum toxin. A very warm welcome
20 March 2015
Today, Sylwia has been discharged from Alarm Clock Clinic. The staff is pleased with the return of the patient, her Mother home, but nostalgia after 12 months of collaboration with the patient, her mom remains. Sylwia has returned home in a coma

Roused from coma

Pacjenci wybudzeni ze śpiączki w Klinice Budzik
26 August 2015
9 letnia Ola to 21 dziecko wybudzone w Klinice Budzik. Ola trafiła do Budzika po ciężkim urazie komunikacyjnym Razem z rodzicami dziewczynki cieszymy się z jej powrotu do zdrowia.
07 August 2015
20 wybudzienie w Klinice Budzik. Wybudzoną pacjentką jest 15 letnia Patrycja, która trafiła do Budzika w lipcu 2015 r. Dziewczynka zapadła w śpiączkę na skutek urazu komunikacyjnego.
22 July 2015
W Klinice Budzik wybudził się kolejny pacjent, jest nim 8 letni Kamil.
Kamil zapadł w śpiączkę na skutek urazu komunikacyjnego w marcu 2015 r. W Budziku przebywał od ponad 3 miesięcy.
09 April 2015
W dniu 07 kwietnia 2015 r. zespól terapeutyczny Kliniki Budzik uznał za wybudzoną 10 letnią Weronikę.
Weronika zapadła w śpiączkę w wyniku zmian naczyniowych Ośrodkowego Układu Nerwowego. W Budziku przebywała od lipca 2014 r.
25 February 2015
W dniu 24 lutego 2015 roku Zespół Terapeutyczny Kliniki Budzik uznał za wybudzoną ze śpiączki 17 letnią Olgę. Olga zapadła na śpiączkę na skutek urazu komunikacyjnego.