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9 April 2015
Therapeutic Team of Klinika Budzik found awaken 10 years Veronica in April 7th. Veronica went into a coma after central nervous system surgery. She has been staying at Klinika Budzik from July 2014. Veronica will spend additional  30 days in Klinika Budzik
30 March 2015
2.5 year old Adrian (being in coma) left Alarm Clock Clinic in March 27rd. Adrian has stayed in Budzik from July 2014 after flooding incident. We keep fingers crossed for our little patient.
25 March 2015
This is the first such facility in Poland. That is the reason  of believes: "certainly difficult to get to," or "we can not afford stay in Budzik." Andrzej Lach, director of the Department strongly denies these opinions. He explains that there are currently 12 children staying at Alarm Clock Clinik, while it operates 15. We invite you to read the whole article on
20 March 2015
Since March to Alarm clock Clinic Teamjoined Mrs. Dr.Grazyna Szymańska-Poksińska, medical rehabilitation specialist with over 5 years' experience in the treatment of spasticity with botulinum toxin. A very warm welcome
20 March 2015
Today, Sylwia has been discharged from Alarm Clock Clinic. The staff is pleased with the return of the patient, her Mother home, but nostalgia after 12 months of collaboration with the patient, her mom remains. Sylwia has returned home in a coma
17 March 2015
The workshop consisted of two parts: theoretical and practical interactive components. It was conducted by Damian M. Kowalik, a head of nursing team at Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.  
12 March 2015
Nnurses, Alina Biaduń i Marzena Kozłowska
Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy has donated further medical equipment to Alarm Clock Clinic. Mr. Konrad Jaworski's (Dutchmed UK Ltd.) provided us with 12 oxygen dispensers, 4 air dispensers and air transport oxygen cylinder.
11 March 2015
During the meeting following issues were discussed: pension benefits system with particular emphasis on children's disability benefits (social pension), rules for the granting benefit (sickness, maternity, caring, etc.), the principle of social security system
5 March 2015
International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th every year. The Alarm Clock Clinicdecided to celebrate this day organizing workshops "Handwritten execution jewellery" on Thursday 05.03.2015.
5 March 2015
Alarm Clock Clinic was visited on February 28th by firefighters JRG 12 Radość. We address many thanks to the Commander of the Fire Department of the Capital City Warsaw for visiting our patients on the last Saturday of February.
3 March 2015
Take a look at the material devoted to our clinic will starts from 17:46
25 February 2015
On 24 February 2015 Therapeutic Team decided to recognize 17-year coma Olgaas awaken. Olga’s coma was a result of trauma. Over the next 30 days our patient will undergo further intensive rehabilitation. We wish her a quick recovery.
24 February 2015
Valentine's Day meeting 2015 - a photo report
24 February 2015
Today, after a year in the staying in Alarm Clock Clinic, Kacper (being in a coma), together with her mother left the clinic. Beata, Kacper’smom was a "good spirit" at the Clinic. Always cheerful, friendly and smiling. For each had a good word.
23 February 2015
To the Alarm Clock Clinic next delivery arrived and nappy pants Seni Care skin care products. Products that every month we receive from TZMO, help us to provide appropriate care for our patients and protection against pressure sores. More about our donors at